About InterMondo

Supporting you to communicate more effectively across cultures

Communicate more effectively across cultures

InterMondo’s expert communications services help you adjust how you communicate in different cultural environments
and manage your professional relationships across cultures.

We help you build on your existing cultural knowledge and activate your motivation and ability to communicate using different cultural behaviours where situations require it, through:

Communicate more effectively across cultures
Communications Support

to communicate more effectively across cultures by adjusting how you communicate with cross-cultural partners and in different cultural settings.

Develop your cultural awareness and skills for working in different cultural environments
Cultural Training

to develop your cultural awareness and skills for the different business, social, financial and geo-political environments you’re working in.

Help you adjust your cultural behaviours

to overcome inflexible cultural behaviours and fear of mistakes so you can practise cultural different behaviours where situations require it.

About Anna Ridgway


Founder & Director, InterMondo Cultural Consulting

Anna Ridgway is a lifelong ‘disrupter’ of herself, an avid inquirer of the what, how and why.
Anna cares deeply about people achieving their potential in their careers and lives and believes wholeheartedly
in her culturally diverse clients, their visions and goals.

For over 20 years Anna has provided expert communications support in business consulting, project management,
corporate cultural training, professional writing and editing, policy development and English language training
across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Anna has understanding and empathy for the challenges facing leaders who take their businesses into
cultural environments and for managers who implement their organisations’ vision in these challenging contexts.
She is skilled at getting to the heart of complex issues in a lively, eloquent style.

An accredited executive coach, Anna also holds a BA (Journalism), Masters in International Business
(studying), Grad. Cert. International Business, Grad. Dip. Arts (English Language Studies), Diploma Professional Writing and Editing, Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language and a Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Foreign Languages.