learn how to communicate effectively across cultures

Are you struggling to manage your cross cultural team? Or maybe you’re relocating internationally or opening an office in a different country?

Including cultural training in your staff professional development gives you essential knowledge and awareness of the cultural aspects of doing business internationally and communicating across cultures.

This helps you to adjust your cultural attitudes and adjust your cultural behaviours where situations require it, saving your business time and money.

You’re not alone

Experienced business leaders and managers everywhere struggle with cultural challenges outside their home environment. How they manage the transition to different cultural behaviours can make or break their success.

Cultural training and executive coaching support tailored to your circumstances help you overcome cultural frustrations and convert communication failures into success.

InterMondo offers the following training formats:

One-on-one sessions

Full- or half-day sessions

Ensure confidentiality and a personalised approach

Group sessions

Full- or half-day sessions

Excellent for team building and issues affecting culturally diverse teams

One-on-one/group mini-sessions

90-minute sessions

Great for specific subject material and
one-on-one support

Our sessions are tailored to meet your and your staff’s needs

InterMondo workshop picture gallery

Some of our client activities…


 Cultural orientation with First Quantum Minerals for Filipino engineers relocating to Ravensthorpe nickel mine, Western Australia.



Home delivery: cultural training workshop, Thales Australia
program director and family



Using work scenarios to practise using new cultural behaviours for better outcomes in the global team: Cultural dexterity workshop, Santa Fe Wridgways



Training day, Santa Fe Wridgways global relocation team


Ready to get started or refresh your cultural skills for doing business internationally? We can help you and your staff.

Book an InterMondo cultural workshop for your staff’s PD in 2017

New InterMondo workshop: 5 Steps to Global Dexterity

Do you experience difficulties in your global operations or with culturally diverse teams and struggle to identify why?

Cultural effectiveness is a critical but often-overlooked factor impacting business outcomes.

InterMondo’s new workshop will help you to become more culturally effective by developing your and your staff’s global dexterity,
for better business outcomes.