Communicate more effectively across cultures

Do you experience frustrations when you are communicating with your teams and partners across cultures? Do you feel people aren’t cooperating with your approach or responding to your cues?

Your communications style and lack of cultural know-how in unfamiliar cultural contexts can reduce your management effectiveness, damage your brand with different consumer groups and overall reduce your business success.

The good news: by making a small investment of your time and effort to adjust how you communicate when cultural situations require it, you can make a big difference.

Our communications expertise and guidance help you make small but powerful adjustments to your cultural behaviours
in these essential aspects of communication:

Communicate more effectively across cultures

Non-verbal communication

Facial expression  touching eye contact gestures  posture  interpersonal space  appearance  formality  indication of hierarchy

Communicate more effectively across cultures

Verbal communication

How you speak (speed, tone, and loudness)  directness or indirectness  turn-taking  use of ‘slang’  use of silence  use of humour

Communicate more effectively across cultures

Written communication

Which language to use with your audience  how you structure your written message  spelling and discourse errors  punctuation and syntax

Visual communication

Meaning of symbols across cultures  colour meaning across cultures  spatial composition  use of images  visual metaphors  embedded cultural references and values

Social media

Social media use across cultures  getting ‘lost in translation’  social media for business/pleasure  writing and presentation styles for different audiences  popular subjects  using images effectively

If you and your staff face a range of communication challenges in your activities across cultures, we can help you meet your communications needs with strategic planning across your operations or on a case-by-case basis.