You’re doing it for the exposure.

There’s plenty of advice out there on how to avoid getting cornered by a client who offers you business exposure instead of payment. All excellent, but none really addresses the context. Only you know your own backstory, and it can take a while to uncover that of your duplicitous counterpart. I’m sharing a recent experience and suggestions for when the inevitable happens.

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Australia’s imperfect but successful democracy delivers historic Modern Slavery Act

On Friday Australia’s federal Parliament delivered landmark modern slavery legislation, which requires big businesses to act on slavery in their operations and supply chains.

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Why small business needs to be at the table on modern slavery

Australia will shortly introduce modern slavery legislation compelling businesses to address slavery in their systems. These six points broadly set out why SMEs must be at the table on addressing modern slavery.
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Just one thing

It’s not always about grand ethical gestures. It’s about doing that ‘one thing’ that makes a difference. And in that ‘one thing’ we discover how, across cultural differences, we share so much in our values and behaviours.
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China’s role in a changing world

As the world order we know changes around us, China seems poised to take over the United States’ mantle as the preeminent global power…with all the unpalatable realities of global hegemony
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Playing catchup:

Australia’s corporate corruption oversight

As more Australian companies operate in locations
where they are vulnerable to corrupt practice, Australia’s corporate corruption oversight
has not kept up.

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Japan’s cultural attributes can help address
economic and social challenges

Despite a ‘perfect storm’ of demographic, economic and geopolitical challenges,
Japan is capable of finding solutions by being culturally true to itself.

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