Communications Case Studies

Adjust communicate across cultures Case Studies

Our stories about people we’ve met and worked with who’ve experienced frustrations when  communicating across cultures.

We share how we’ve helped them make small but powerful adjustments to they way they communicate across cultures, making a big difference along the way.

Virtuoso Taiwanese researcher and his team bring groundbreaking research to international publication

Dr Shu-Quan Zheng*, a neurology specialist in a leading Taiwan research hospital, has been leading groundbreaking neuroscience research, with a series of papers tracking the progress of his team’s findings developed for publication in international medical journals.

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Lack of cultural effectiveness may bring your business undone and what you can do about it


I had an opportunity to access a top-notch IT service provider for my business. If I hadn’t navigated successfully through some cultural differences, I might have lost it. It’s a common but avoidable occurrence: businesses torpedoing opportunities and partnerships because they haven’t developed cultural dexterity.

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