Virtuoso Taiwanese researcher and his team bring groundbreaking research to international publication

Dr Shu-Quan Zheng*, a neurology specialist in a leading Taiwan research hospital, has been leading groundbreaking neuroscience research, with a series of papers tracking the progress of his team’s findings developed for publication in international medical journals.

Ashley*, to use his chosen English name, recruited Anna Ridgway’s high-precision professional editing, writing and cultural expertise in an on-going parnership to help bring his team’s papers to a publishable standard, in a highly competitive medical publishing market that is dominated by native-English speakers.

In this online collaboration, Anna edited each paper through draft iterations and advised Ashley on English language and academic writing protocols. Anna also switched from her customary professional Australian English usage to the American English used by Ashley and his team.

Ashley advised Anna on medical issues and research protocols and they also collaborated to address the reviewers’ questions in full in the final drafts of the papers and correspondence with review teams.

The collaboration was based on the understanding that feedback needed to be direct and sometimes challenging, to ensure the academic rigour of the research and to ensure the writing was readable, engaging, technically accurate and in appropriately structured English. This undertstanding was framed in dialogue of mutual respect for each other’s professional expertise and seniority.

Their collaboration resulted in publication in top international journals, including Elsevier, Sage and CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics.

*name changed for confidentiality