Are you culturally knowledgable and experienced, but still experience frustrations when you communicate with your cross-cultural teams or partners?

Without realising it, you may behave inflexibly outside your ‘home’ environment.
You may have experienced these feelings in different cultural situations that require different cultural actions:

Competency challenge: Do you feel competent to perform different cultural actions in a given situation? Do you think you have the relevant knowledge and skills to successfully adjust the way you act in this situation?


YOU FEEL INCOMPETENT –  You feel you don’t have the right knowledge and skills to perform different cultural actions in a new cultural situation. Your existing skills aren’t working.

Authenticity challenge: Does this cultural action feel authentic and appropriate? Or does it conflict with your inner system of values and beliefs? Do you secretly feel anxious, distressed, even guilty about performing this new action?


YOU FEEL INAUTHENTIC –  You feel uncomfortable and anxious performing this new cultural action. Maybe it conflicts with your inner system of values and beliefs.

Resentment challenge: Do you feel frustrated, resentful or even angry about having to change the way you act in this situation? Do you secretly feel that this different cultural action is an unfair burden on you?


YOU FEEL RESENTFUL –  You secretly feel resentful about performing  different cultural actions in this situation. Maybe you feel angry at other people for not making an effort.

We can help you overcome challenges like these that cause people to fall into cultural traps, wreck business agreements
and endanger careers.

Our coaching supports people to overcome deeply-held cultural resistances and fear of making mistakes, so they can activate their motivation and ability to practise different cultural behaviours where situations require it.

How do YOU deal with the key psychological challenges of adjusting your cultural behaviours?