Do you experience frustrations when you do business across cultures or manage cross-cultural teams?


If your answer is ‘yes’, InterMondo can help you become more effective by developing strategies to adjust your cultural behaviours.

InterMondo’s ‘5 Steps to Global Dexterity’ Program

If you manage cross-cultural teams or your business is expanding globally, you know cultural effectiveness is key to your success.

But without strategies for overcoming frustrations and anxieties you experience when communicating across cultures, you risk falling into cultural traps that can lose you time, money, clients…even your business.

InterMondo’s ‘Five steps to global dexterity’ program provides you with building blocks to adapt your cultural behaviours where situations demand it, so you communicate more effectively and achieve better business outcomes.

About the workshop

You are introduced to a 5-stage framework that helps you develop strategies for adapting your cultural behaviours in situations that require it.

You will work through this framework using group discussion, role play and practical activities based on real-life scenarios and challenges shared with the group. 

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will:
Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures


  • The concept of ‘global dexterity’
  • Cultural codes & behaviours underlying business
  • Organisational & personal challenges adjusting cultural behaviours.
Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures


  • Comparing appropriate cultural behaviours in your own & other cultural business settings
  • Effective techniques to adjust your cultural behaviours without ‘losing yourself’.
Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures


  • Different thinking to real business scenarios that cause you cultural frustration
  • New cultural behaviours you’ve learnt to business situations that demand them.
Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures


  • Global dexterity to give your the edge managing and leading across cultures
  • A long-term vision and strategies for communicating effectively in different cultural settings.


$1,500 per 10-participant workshop*, excluding travel costs**
Cost includes materials, a workshop ‘package’ and login to InterMondo’s Cultural Dexterity quiz.

*$80 per extra participant (up to 10 additional participants)
**See FAQs below for travel costs

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Who should attend?

This workshop is for you if:
Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures

You're a small to medium, large national or multinational organisation

  • Manage expansion internationally
  • Manage global teams
  • Relocate employees & open new offices
Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures

You employ middle to high-ranking managers

  • Adapt to new cultural environments
  • Improve communication
  • Embrace & implement new ways of thinking
Learn how to communicate more effectively across cultures

You're looking to build and sustain long-term global relationships

  • Smoothly adjust communication styles
  • Adjust cultural approaches for the same goals
  • Workshop real-world situations

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the workshops delivered – face to face, online or both?
All workshops are delivered face to face.

This ensures you experience a more complete range of communication behaviours and interactions than an online setting can provide. Face-to-face delivery also physically gets you out of your desk and out of your work ‘silos’ into a more dynamic and enjoyable training setting.

Do I need to prepare for the workshop?

When you register for the workshop, you will receive a link to access and complete the InterMondo online survey ‘How culturally dexterous are you in international settings? You will receive a copy of your individual results.

Bring your survey results to the workshop to apply your learning to real-life situations.

Where are the workshops delivered?

We will come to you! Workshops require seating for 20+ people.

How long are the workshops?
All worshops are 4 hours duration, not including breaks.
How do I pay?
Payment method
All payments are to be made by direct bank deposit to the InterMondo account. Cheques or cash payments will not be accepted. Please do not request a different payment method, as a refusal may offend.

Melbourne workshops
For all workshops within the Greater Melbourne metropolitan region, you will be asked to register and pay for your workshop via an electronic pop-up form. You will receive an automatic tax invoice.

Australia (outside Melbourne) and overseas workshops
For all workshops outside the Greater Melbourne metropolitan region (within Australia and overseas), you will be directed to a different electronic pop-up form. We will send you a business quote for your workshop.

Travel fees
All workshops taking place within Melbourne and the Greater Melbourne Metropolitan region will automatically incur a $20 travel cost. For workshops taking place outside the Greater Melbourne Metropolitan region, interstate or outside Australia, proposed travel costs will be included in the followup business quote.

How many people can attend?

A minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 20 people can attend each workshop.

I’ve paid for a workshop but I have to cancel. Can I get a refund?

If you withdraw your enrolment

Any request to cancel or change a registration must be emailed to InterMondo. If enrolments are cancelled more than 7 days before a workshop, a $20 administration fee will apply per participant. Workshop fees will not be refunded for cancellations within 7 days of the workshop commencement. A withdrawal may lead to cancellation of the workshop if participant numbers fall below 10.

If InterMondo cancels a workshop you’ve enrolled in and paid for

If a workshop is cancelled by InterMondo (e.g. owing to insufficient numbers or illness), a full refund, a reschedule or a credit will be offered. InterMondo will endeavour to inform participants of cancellations at least 48 hours prior to the workshop.

If InterMondo reschedules your workshop

If your workshop is rescheduled or if you receive a workshop credit, you must complete the workshop within 12 months of the original workshop date. InterMondo will not issue refunds for registrants who fail to attend the re-credited or rescheduled workshop, or if the 12 months expires before a workshop is rescheduled.

Do I receive any follow-up material?
Each participant receives an e-book summary of the key workshop components, including participant insights, any photos taken and follow-up guidance. They will access this material through their workshop login code.
Can we purchase the training module so our own staff can deliver it?
This program is not suitable for delivery by a non-cultural specialist. It is designed to ensure you and your employees receive specialist cultural expertise. However, we encourage you to use the program and your own training outcomes as the basis for follow-up coaching, team discussions or briefings on doing business globally and working with global teams.  Let us know how we can assist you.
Does InterMondo provide follow-up organisational coaching to help put our learnings into practice?

Follow-up coaching is an excellent way to support you to adjust your cultural behaviours and track your success over time.

Suggested combinations

5 Steps to Global Dexterity workshop + international business coaching
Combine the ‘5 steps to global dexterity’ program with follow-up international business coaching to support you in the process of adopting a ‘globally dexterous’ mindset, adjusting your cultural behaviours and tracking your success in business activities and outcomes over time.

Cultural training + 5 Steps to Global Dexterity workshop + international business coaching
Combine cultural training with the ‘5 steps to global dexterity’ program to gain a solid foundation of knowledge and awareness of the cultural aspects of doing business internationally, then draw on this to address your own cultural effectiveness in the ‘Global Dexterity’ workshop. Follow-up coaching supports you in the process of adopting a ‘globally dexterous’ mindset, adjust your cultural behaviours and track your success in your global business activities. Ask us how we can tailor training and coaching to support your requirements.

Did you also know that small errors and lack of cultural know-how in your communications can damage your brand, your reputation and your business success internationally?

InterMondo also provides expert communication support to help you address your communication needs in global settings and with culturally diverse teams. Let us know how we can help you improve your communication outcomes.

I want my survey results to stay private. How will my privacy be protected?
InterMondo reserves the right to use survey results to measure and track participant findings and trends over time for the purpose of research and training. To protect individuals’ privacy, participant anonymity is retained and participant email addresses are not made public.

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