Do you have the right qualities to build a successful business in VET Training?

Education, led by our vocational education and training (VET) sector, is Australia’s largest service export and its fourth export overall, worth $18.1 billion dollars in 2014-15.

Even though our VET sector carries a poor public profile within Australia, our VET sector enjoys global recognition as the world’s strongest model to address skills needs, with markets in China, India, South East Asia and Latin America looking to our RTOs and VET system to train their workforces and build their own vocational training capacity.

So, you want to become an RTO?

Panellists L-R: Courtney Clowes, Knowledge Equity; Anna Ridgway (Moderator), InterMondo; Kate Campbell, Resource Call; Eric Marchesani, Softnet Technologies.

Globally, 2015 has also been shaping as the year that VET education takes a reputational about-face, with international data showing students increasingly making VET theiir first choice instead of a fall-back alternative to university study.

In Australia, one of the top priorities brought to last weeks’ national mini-summit with leaders from business, unions and think tanks was bringing industry and tertiary providers together to meet our skills needs, so Australia can sustain and builds its productivity, foster entrepreneurship and stay internationally competitive.

In Australia, our VET sector, and especially our dynamic private training sector, is driving the response to our skills needs – especially around technology, with up to 40% of Australian jobs expected to be transformed or replaced by technology in the next 10–15 years.

If you’re interested in extending your business into the booming vocational education sector, there are significant business opportunities for RTOs within Australia and in the international training market that combine high quality training with a strong business model that doesn’t depend on government funding.

(Follow up from 8 October  Churchill Club discussion evening in Melbourne this Thursday 8 October, where I moderated the panel-led discussion)

Terrific evening moderating the Churchill Club panel discussion evening ‘So you want to be an RTO?’. Dynamic, passionate business professionals who – as private RTOs – have taken on the VET sector’s challenges with verve & determination, demonstrating passion for quality education and careers outcomes.

It was great taking the conversation up in this business entrepreneur setting. Not one mention of ‘dodgy providers’! Refreshing.

So, you want to become an RTO?